About Us

Crindau Community Church is an evangelical church in Newport, South Wales.  It was formerly known as Crindau Gospel Hall and Crindau Christian Fellowship, and was first established in 1901.

Our Mission

  • To be the centre of hope within our community

Our Vision

  • To befriend and support
  • To introduce people to Jesus, see their lives transformed and welcome them into our family
  • To nurture and encourage each other as we grow in our faith
  • To worship passionately, serve diligently and pray unceasingly
  • To recognise the importance of the individual and embrace as family
  • To equip and empower that together we might serve and show the love of Jesus to all

Our Elders

  • Andrew Jones
  • Mark Taylor

If you would like to make contact with an elder you can email them at leadership@crindau.org.uk or alternatively visit our contact us page and select elders from the drop down menu.

For more information about what we believe please see our Statement of Faith